Aurora is a female Elder in Shade Silverwing's colony. She appears in Silverwing. In contrast to the other female Elders, she has few appearances in the series.

Alongside Frieda, Bathsheba, and Lucretia, she appears at the beginning of the novel to reprimand Shade for attempting to see the sun. Aurora is later one of the Elders Shade notices roosting near him at the end of Silverwing as he tells the story of how he managed to reunite with the colony. In response to Shade's story, she comments that winter will forestall the coming war with the owls.

Aurora makes no more appearances in the series, though Shade remarks it had been the name he would have liked to name his child by Marina. When he mentions it to Griffin, Griffin realizes that Shade is his father when Shade admits that he had defered to Marina's wishes to name their child "Celeste" instead, had Griffin been female.