Auster was the eldest of Icaron and Mistral's offspring. He is the eldest of Dusk and Sylph's brothers and sisters in their Chiropter colony.

Biography Edit

Auster lived on the island with his large family peacefully until Dusk, his younger brother, found a dying saurian. Later, Felids attacked the colony, forcing the surviving chiropters to leave the island. Auster's mother, Mistral was killed during the raid, and his father, Icaron was given a serious wound. Icaron later died from his wound, making Auster the leader of the colony. He welcomed Dusk and Sylph to nest with his family until they were old enough to form their own families.

Auster defers his position as leader of the colony to Nova, who persuades him and most of the colony of her experience and desire to ensure the safety of the colony in light of the uncertain situation. Some time afterward, Nova tricked Dusk into scouting ahead and when he was gone, Nova took part of the colony and went back to Gyrokus' colony of Chiropters to see if they'd let them join them since Dusk was now gone. However, most of Dusk's family, led by Auster, remained behind, along with most of the elder Sol's family, leaving about half the original surviving colony. Led by Dusk, Auster and the colony manage to find a new tree as their home, where Auster appoints three new elders for the colony as its new leader and continues to shelter Dusk and Sylph with his family.


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