"This is how we rule the world." - Carnassial

Species Felid
Gender Male
Mate  Panthera


First Appearance Darkwing
Last Appearance Darkwing

Carnassial is a Felid in Darkwing. Born with sharp teeth, Carnassial developed a taste for flesh, which eventually spread through his prowl and split it in two.



He was born with unusually sharp teeth, convenient for slicing the flesh of other animals. Cunning, quick and determined, he was one of the finest Saurian hunters in the Pact, alongside his friend/mate, Panthera.

However, the act of killing and devouring other beasts brought the attention of his leader, Patriofelis, to the highly discouraged act. Carnassial would be forgiven if he were to put an end to hunting the beasts, his own allies, but Carnassial refused, as this is who he was and it cannot be changed. As a result, he was left with no other choice but to run as his own prowl attacked, an uncertain Panthera watching in disappointment from a safe distance.

Later on, Miacis, another Felid who hungered for flesh, gave her loyalty to Carnassial, as did a few other rogue Felids, and they formed a prowl that found interest in making Dusk's island as their hunting grounds. His prowl would then slaughter many Chiropters, including Dusk and Sylph's mother, Mistral. When he found that the Chiropters planned to leave their island, he and his prowl made an attempt to catch them, but it was futile. Afterward, Patriofelis came to confront Carnassial, but during this event he was carried off by a proto-owl, as was Miacis and a few others.

Sometime later he encountered Panthera, who admited that she too felt the urge to eat other beasts. This pleased Carnassial greatly, and the two were reunited, they also traveled with a pack of Hyaenodon who would lead them to more Saurian eggs. Near the end of the book, Panthera surprised Carnassial with the news that she was pregnant. He and his mate crossed paths with Dusk and Sylph, and in their pursuit a young Saurian intervened, grasping and biting Panthera's lower back and belly and killing her moments later. Carnassial was last seen making an attempt to free his mate from the jaws of the Saurian.


  • Carnassial's name comes from the name of the teeth of a Miacis, the mammal of which he is based off from.
  • While colored as a golden yellow on the official Darkwing website, Carnassial appears to be a silver grey color on the German Darkwing cover. In the book it says he is a greyish silvery color.