Comparison between a chiropter (above) and Dusk (below). Notable differences are the number of claws and fur on the sails/wings.

A Chiropter is the name for pre-bats in the book Darkwing by Kenneth Oppel. They were unable to fly with their sails, instead they could use them to glide from one tree to another in a close distance. After gliding the Chiropter, with its three claws, opposing to the two claws a bat has, would climb its way back up to its home. They were active during the day, and at night would sleep on their stomachs rather than hang from their feet, although some Chiropters found that sleeping upside down is more comfortable. The average Chiropter had poor vision during the night, but there was one Chiropter in particular, Mistral, who surpassed this flaw and had the ability of echolocation.

Known Important ChiroptersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • A chiropter can not see in the dark.
  • It is possible that in the story chiropters are ancesters of both bats and rats.