is the main character of Darkwing and is the first of his colony who learns to fly (gliding is the natural ablility of all other Chiropters at the time to fly, where as Dusk can achieve lift and height gain) He also has the ability to see with echolocation, an ability he inherited from his mother. He has a sister who is three seconds older, Sylph. His father is Icaron. Icaron died later in the story by being attacked by Carnassial.  He is an ancestor of Shade Silverwing and the fifth Chiropter to become a bat. He rescued his colony from Carnassial, a savage carnivore, and later found them another home. However, his brother Auster was tricked into giving leadership of the colony to Nova. Dusk, Sylph, Auster, Sol, and a few others escaped from Nova's leadership and restarted the colony with Auster as leader and Dusk became a true Chiropter hero before leaving and living with the other bats.  

Comparison between a chiropter (above) and Dusk (below). Notable differences are the number of claws and fur on the sails/wings.

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