Icaron was Dusk's father and his colony's leader.

"No one wants to make their first jump."

Biography Edit

Icaron was one of the only chiropters to leave The Pact, an alliance of beasts who were all out to seek and destroy the last of the saurian eggs and put a end to it. He and his mate, Mistral, had many children, including Dusk, Sylph, and Auster. Icaron tells Dusk that he and Sylph will probably be his last children; Dusk is startled and worries if his father is going to die, but Icaron tells him that he just isn't able to have any more children because of his age. After the felids attacked the island, Icaron and the other chiropters were forced to leave their previous home. Icaron suffered a wound during the ordeal. They were aided by the tree runners, but only so Icaron's colony could be eaten by the Dyatrima in exchange for protection. Icaron later died from his wounds from the Felid battle and Auster, his eldest son, took his place as leader. Before Icaron died, he spoke all of his children's names, starting from Auster—his first son—and ending with Sylph and Dusk, his last children.

Trivia Edit

  • Icaron's name is based on that of the Icaronycteris, an extinct bat genus of the Chiroptera animal order.