Pigeon - An unnamed pigeon who was talking to another when Goth attacked him. His feathers and blood were shown on the screen. [[[Pigeon Court]]]

Bat - A tiny Brightwing bat who Goth ambushed and ate. His torn wing fell out of the bushes and Shade almost threw up. [[[Dark Alliance]]]

Crow - A female bird who wanted to eat Goth after finding him near death after being shocked by lightning. Goth came to, however, and killed her. Later, her body was shown without the head or wings, showing he ate her. In the book, it was a magpie. [[[Everything is not Black and White|Everything Isn't Black and White]]]

Banded Bats - Several banded bats from Scirocco's colony were killed by Goth in the mountain cabin. [I'm With the Band]

Hermes - Hermes was killed as a sacrifice to Cama Zotz, who then spoke through Goth to tell him and Voxzaco how to kill the sun. [Sunwing]

Griffin - Shade and Marina's son, Griffin was sucked down a fissure in the earth into the Underworld, where Goth killed him and stole his life. [Firewing]