Luna was Griffin's loyal friend in Firewing and the daughter of Roma.

Biography Edit

Luna was a newborn at the new Tree Haven, a female whose friendliness and self-confidence has made her very popular among her peers. She admires Marina, and tries to emulate her by being daring and playing games that often terrify Griffin, such as trying to get as close as possible to an owl before it notices. She treats Griffin no differently from other newborns, thus Griffin regards her as his only friend because other newborns shun him for being a half-breed and for worrying about everything. She was very pretty, and all the boy bats liked her.

One night, Griffin decided to "steal fire" from the humans. During the procedure, Luna was badly burned, causing her to die. Griffin is sucked into the underworld when he runs away out of fear and shame for causing his friend's death, but is surprised to find Luna's soul in the underworld and that she has lost her memories from when she was alive. However, Cama Zotz attempts to use Luna to steal Griffin's own life as the two young bats try to make their way to Nocturna's Great Tree and return to the upper world.

After long and hard adventure, Luna finally remembered her past life after being with Griffin for such a long period of time. Shade, later committed suicide so Griffin could rise up to the Upper World, although there was enough life for Luna also, permitting her to travel back to the Upper World with Griffin.

After she regained her life, Luna returned to her regular life.