Species Eastern Red Bat
Gender Female
Allies Shade



Enemies Goth


First Appearance Silverwing
Last Appearance Firewing

Marina is a character in the Silverwing series. She was banished from the Brightwing colony due to the fact she had a band. She appears in the first three books (Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing). Her son is Griffin and her mate is Shade.

Silverwing Edit

After meeting Shade on an island after he was blown away from his colony, Marina accompanied Shade on his quest to reunite with his lost colony, whilst evading the Cannibal Bats Goth and Throbb. Her band was ripped off of her arm by Goth. She also slammed into Goth to rescue Shade during the thunderhead chase. After escaping the thunderhead and defeating Goth temporarily and Throbb (who was disinigrated from the band he stole from bats), she was adopted by the Silverwing colony and discussed the band with Frieda, preparing to continue her adventure with Shade to find his lost father, Cassiel Silverwing

Sunwing Edit

After deciding to stay with Shade's colony she adventured to a fake forest, similar to the one Goth and Throbb were in. Marina also became closer to Chinook, spending time and flirting with him. She later explains to Ariel that she tortured Shade because she was mad at him, and tried to make him jealous. She tried to rescue Shade from the Vampyrum Spectrum in South America. At the end of Sunwing, Chinook asked her to be his mate. She politley declined, instead asking Shade to be her mate, who gladly accepted.

Marina Character Bios

Marina Character Bios (from the Silverwing season set DVD)

Firewing Edit

Despite having a major role in Silverwing and Sunwing, Marina has only a minor role in Firewing. Marina gave birth to a young bat named Griffin. After discovering that Griffin, who had possessively tried to steal fire, she and other bat mothers tried to help Lunaying after catching on fire. Unfortunately Luna died from her injuries. Griffin ended up in the Underworld (alive) and escaped with Luna, who had died. Shade committed suicide and gave his life force to Griffin after Griffin was killed by Goth. Later Griffin killed Goth. Then Griffin lived with his mom for his rest of his life.