Murk wip by riseofdarkfire-d389fp1

Un-official fan art of Murk

was a dead Vampyrum Spectrum in the underworld.

In the Underworld Edit

Not much is known about Murk until he was introduced. While Shade, Yorick, Java, and Nemo were traveling, Murk encountered them. He was killed when the disk explosive fell on the Vampyrum pyramid. Murk truthfully told them that he meant no harm and wanted to go to The Tree with them. After that he journeyed with them until Shade found Griffin.

Trivia Edit

  • Some readers like to joke that Murk is obsessed with the tree and will do anything to get to it.
  • Murk is the foil of Goth, as they are both Vampyrum Spectrum, but have opposite views on death.