Nova is one of the four elders of Dusk's colony.

Biography Edit

The only female leader of the colony and elder of her family, she lived with many Chiropters living in a giant Sequoia tree on an island separated from the Mainland. She is one of the original Chiropters who left the Pact with Icaron and the other two elders of their colony, along with a few others. Before leaving the Mainland, Nova's unnamed mate was killed during the proccess of Saurian egg hunting, leading to her desicion of joining the third party of Chiropters, but also caused her to become cold and bitter.

Her father was the leader of the Chiropters who left the Mainland. When he died, Icaron was chosen to be their next leader, which in turn left a spiteful Nova angry that her own father chose him over her. During the events of Darkwing, Nova often opposed against the leadership of Icaron and saw herself to be more powerful than him, however Icaron would remind her many times that he was their leader, and Nova's grudge against him still held strong. She also appeared to dislike Icaron's youngest son, Dusk, as she, along with the many other Chiropters, was uncertain of his unique ability to fly.

Nova proved herself clever when she managed to persuade Auster into temporarily granting her leadership of their colony when Icaron passed away. With her new power of authority, she tricked Dusk to find a new home for their colony by flying. When he returned, he discovered that Nova took over half of their colony back to Gyrokus's colony, hoping to put Icaron's mistake of previously leaving a potential life with that colony in the past.


  • Her name most likely refers to the bright, burning color of her fur, which is mentioned in the book to be a shade of copper, despite her age.