"My kittens will be happy to have such a clever father." - Panthera

Panthera was a Felid, and Carnassial's hunting partner in Darkwing. In the beginning, she found it strange that Carnassial would finish off the Saurian eggs by eating their contents, but thought nothing more of it. When she witnessed the murder of a fellow beast, Carnassial being the one who killed and ate it, said "Come and try, this is how we will rule the world", she fled to her prowl, yet did not tell. Another felid had seen him and told Patriofelis. When Carnassial was banished from the prowl, Panthera's inner predator was awakened and found that she also enjoyed the taste of flesh. After Carnassial returned to the Mainland, she joined him and the Hyaenodons in search of the remaining Saurian eggs. It was revealed near the end of the book that she was pregnant with his kittens, but much to Carnassial's dismay, Panthera was attacked and presumably killed by a young Saurian. It's unknown if she survived or not but she is most likely dead because it is mentioned that she was no longer struggling.

Appearance- A sleek silver and black felid, Panthera was mate to Carnassial. She has sharp, shearing teeth, that she didn't know of until she developed a taste for meat. Towards the end of he book, Panthera revealed that she was pregnant with Carnassial's kittens.