Patriofelis was the leader of a prowl of Felids.


Patriofelis was a well known ally of the beasts, as Carnassial, a grand hunter of Saurian eggs, came from this prowl. He is elderly and has a mellow attitude, he is also wise and knows when to act as a leader when it is most needed. Patriofelis shows definite pride toward Carnassial for being such a fine hunter. He is one of the many to show alarm when Carnassial killed, and ate a beast, and when Carnassial showed no interest in changing his ways, Patriofelis banished him from the prowl.

He decided to act again when he discovered Carnassial and his rogue prowl of carnivorous Felids were hunting on an island, by doing so he confronted Carnassial, his plan being to keep him trapped and contained on the island for the rest of his life. All did not go well when Patriofelis, having been caught off guard, was carried off by a proto-owl, presuming his death.

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