Bathsheba is so thicc she can cover Nocturna with her thicc wings. She took up 9999/10000 space in Hibernaculum, and squashed Frieda with pure thiccness, even the bat elder couldnt withstand. Later, she went up against Nocturna the Bat godess and her brother Cama Zotz, almost as Thicc as Bathsheba, but in the end, Bathsheba sat on them both, destroying them instantly. Bathsheba later destroyed the Humans, and all their cities, with one flick of Thiccness. She later conquered the universe, anyone daring to oppose her had their essence powdered when they were sat on. Even the Thiccness of entire galaxies was nothing to Bathsheba the Thicc, a name she later earned. Nobody will ever conquer this titan of Thicc and at the Big Bang, Basheba the Thicc will sit on it and stop it forever, this eternal being of Thiccness will never leave. Ever.