• Firehawk419


    March 31, 2013 by Firehawk419

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd explain all the editing and properly introduce myself.

    First off, I'd like to again say that Silverwing is my favourite book, having introduced me to reading, and by extension, my other favourite series, Lord of the Rings. When I want, I can have a bit of OCD about certain things, though you wouldn't know by looking at the state of my bedroom.

    I recently re-read Silverwing, Sunwing and Firewing, and this prompted me to visit the Silverwing wiki. I came to the site not knowing what to expect, and found much of it pleasantly informative. I read on, and began to notice errors in spelling and grammar, stuff like that. And hey, it's not a big deal, but I thought I could help. So here I am. I'd love to talk with any…

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